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The Baby Bump Project

About Me

Meredith Nash
BSc, MA, PhD Candidate

Meredith Nash is a PhD candidate in the Gender Studies Department at the University of Melbourne in Australia. She completed Master of Arts (Gender Studies and Development) at the University of Melbourne and B.S. Psychology/Women’s Studies at the University of Illinois, Champaign Urbana. Her Master’s thesis entitled, ‘Digital Deception: The Disappearance of Women Through Ultrasonography’ analyses the exposure of the pregnant belly as a site of surveillance and object of the medical gaze. Meredith’s current research focuses on the nature of public pregnancy, feminine embodiment, women’s narratives, and the commodification of motherhood. Her publications reflect her research interests including, ‘The Fetishised Fetus: Creating ‘Life’ With Ultrasound’ and ‘Windows of the Womb: an Exploration of Ultrasonography and the Science of Medical Seeing’.



Journal articles

‘Oh Baby, baby: (un)veiling Britney Spears’ pregnant body’, Michigan Feminist Studies, vol.19, Fall 2006-Spring 2006, 27-50.


‘Windows of the Womb: an Exploration of Ultrasonography and the Science of Medical ‘Seeing’, Interventions, Interactions and Interrelations: School of Languages Postgraduate Research Papers on Language and Literature, vol. 5, 2005, 111-32.


‘The fetishised fetus: creating ‘life’ with ultrasound’, Traffic, vol. 7, 2005, 37-56.


Book chapters

‘The science of medical seeing: constructing reality through ultrasound’, sole contributer, Mother Knows Best: Talking Back to Baby Experts, J. Nathanson and Laura Tuley (eds), Demeter Press, forthcoming 2008


Magazine articles

‘‘I’m not fat, I’m pregnant’: Dealing with your changing body’, Cosmopolitan Pregnancy, vol. 5, 14-18 (will be on newsstands 13 November 2006)