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Celebrity 'bumps'

How do various outlets of the media enforce successful femininity during pregnancy through portraits of celebrity mothers?

Angelina Jolie announces her pregnancy

Britney Spears invites the public into her baby shower for first born, Sean Preston

Celebrity pregnancy is an area of public fascination

Heidi Klum lost her 'baby weight' within 3 weeks of giving birth

Gwyneth Paltrow pregnant with her first child, Apple

Demi Moore's Vanity Fair portrait: one of the first images of a visibly pregnant body in the public

As a battle against images of impossibly slender women, the publicly pregnant body resists this paradigm. Pregnant celebrities have started the trend of wearing clothing that exposes their bellies.

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Britney Spears
Geri Halliwell
Katie Holmes
Gwen Stefani
Angelina Jolie
Gwyneth Paltrow

Kate Hudson was criticised for gaining 'too much' weight during her first pregnancy

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise: known for their beliefs in Scientology and 'silent birth'

Princess Mary's pregnancy caused a media frenzy in Australia

Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger

A number of celebrity women have been photographed whilst pregnant. These include Lisa Rinna in Playboy in September 1998, Elle MacPherson in a marketing campaign for milk in the US. Cindy Crawford posed in W magazine in May 1999, Gwyneth Paltrow was on the cover of the same publication in 2004. Candid photographs of Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, Madonna, Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams, Heidi Klum, Rebecca Cartwright (wife of Lleyton Hewitt), and Princess Mary of Denmark have appeared in a number of newspaper and tabloid publication throughout their pregnancies. The pregnancy of Miranda Hobbes, played by actress Cynthia Nixon, on Sex and the City has also had an enormous impact on discourses of motherhood in popular culture.